Glittering Days (2020)

Glittering Days is a TVB period drama series broadcast in November 2006. The series is shown to celebrate TVB's 39th Anniversary. The plot takes place post 1967 to early 1970s. While the story is fictional, the atmosphere replicates the mandopop club scene in Hong Kong. The series played a number of mandopop songs that originated from Taiwan. As much of the Hong Kong club scenes were heavily dominated by mandopop music. Many of the sets and TV charity shows were televised at the time, and recreated for the series.

  • 上映日: 2017
  • 浏览: 42
  • 国家: HK
  • 语言: En

Wong Cho-lam

Ma Wai-ming

Roger Kwok


Charmaine Sheh

Chu Yuk-lan