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Norman Bird

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Oct 30, 1920
罪恶之家 1954-03-16
Series Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense 1984-09-05
Poster of The Black Torment
Poster of In Search of the Castaways
Poster of Man in the Moon
电影 A Voyage Round My Father Ham 1984-04-19
电视剧 Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense Unknown 1984-09-05
电影 If You Go Down in the Woods Today Doctor 1981-04-29
电视剧 Hammer House of Horror Unknown 1980-09-13
电视剧 Thomas & Sarah 1979-01-14
电影 指环王动画版 Bilbo (voice) 1978-11-15
电视剧 Miss Jones And Son 1977-04-18
电视剧 Raffles Unknown 1977-02-25
电影 Baby Sitters 1976-01-01
电影 Pot Luck Farmer 1976-01-01
电影 Monkey Tricks 1976-01-01
电影 On the Tiles 1976-01-01
电影 The Big Kick 1976-01-01
电影 Double Trouble 1976-01-01
电影 Wedding Bells 1976-01-01
电影 The Slipper and the Rose Dress Shop Proprieter 1976-03-24
电视剧 Yanks Go Home 1976-11-22
电视剧 Fawlty Towers Unknown 1975-09-19
电视剧 Crown Court Unknown 1972-10-11
电视剧 Shirley's World Unknown 1972-04-07
电影 Hands of the Ripper Police Inspector 1971-10-17
电视剧 Jason King Unknown 1971-09-15
电视剧 The Guardians Unknown 1971-07-10
电视剧 Budgie Unknown 1971-04-09
电影 The Virgin and the Gypsy Uncle Fred 1970-06-01
电视剧 Department S Unknown 1969-09-09
电影 Oh! What a Lovely War Training Sgt (uncredited) 1969-03-10
电影 A Dandy in Aspic Copperfield 1968-04-02
电影 The Wrong Box Clergyman 1966-06-19
电影 Sky West and Crooked Mr. Cheeseman - undertaker 1965-08-31
电影 The Hill Commandant 1965-06-17
电影 The Black Torment Harris 1964-10-19
电影 The Beauty Jungle Mr. Edward Freeman 1964-08-25
电影 First Men in the Moon Stuart 1964-07-01
电影 Hot Enough for June Employment Exchange Clerk 1964-01-01
电影 Maniac Salon 1963-10-30
电影 80,000 Suspects Harold Davis 1963-08-15
电影 Bitter Harvest Mr. Pitt 1963-03-08
电影 The Mind Benders Aubrey 1963-02-01
电影 The Punch and Judy Man Committee Man 1963-01-01
电视剧 Z-Cars Unknown 1962-01-02
电影 Cash on Demand Sanderson 1962-02-21
电影 Term of Trial Mr. Taylor 1962-08-16
电影 Night of the Eagle Doctor 1962-04-25
电视剧 The Saint Unknown 1962-10-04
电影 In Search of the Castaways Senior Yacht Guard 1962-12-01
电影 Victim Harold Doe 1961-08-01
电影 Whistle Down the Wind Eddie 1961-07-25
电影 The Secret Partner Ralph Beldon 1961-05-01
电影 Very Important Person Travers 1961-04-24
电视剧 The Avengers Unknown 1961-01-07
电影 Man in the Moon Herbert 1960-10-31
电影 绅士联盟 Weaver 1960-04-05
电影 The Angry Silence Roberts 1960-03-10
电视剧 No Hiding Place Unknown 1959-09-16
电影 罪恶之家 Jones-Collins - Foreman 1954-03-16