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Harry Solter

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King of the Cannibal Islands 1908-04-14
电影 The Slave 1909-07-29
Poster of The Slave
Poster of A Rural Elopement
Poster of Love Finds a Way
Poster of The Maniac Cook
电影 The Slave Deletrius 1909-07-29
电影 The Fascinating Mrs. Francis Young Man's Father 1909-01-21
电影 The Son's Return The Employer 1909-06-14
电影 One Touch of Nature Doctor 1909-01-01
电影 The Maniac Cook Mr. Holland 1909-01-04
电影 The Honor of Thieves Mr. Einstein 1909-01-11
电影 A Rural Elopement Hungry Henry 1909-01-14
电影 The Sacrifice Mr. Hardluck 1909-01-14
电影 The Criminal Hypnotist The Doctor 1909-01-18
电影 Mr. Jones Has a Card Party Guest 1909-01-21
电影 Love Finds a Way One of the Daughter's Suitors 1909-01-11
电影 The Welcome Burglar Ben Harris 1909-01-25
电影 The Lure of the Gown Enrico 1909-03-15
电影 The Cord of Life On Street 1909-01-28
电影 The Cricket on the Hearth Tackleton 1909-05-27
电影 The Drunkard's Reformation In the Play 1909-03-31
电影 The Salvation Army Lass 1909-03-11
电影 At the Altar Man on Street 1909-02-25
电影 The Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals 1909-02-18
电影 The Curtain Pole Mr. Edwards 1909-02-15
电影 The Violin Maker of Cremona The Judge 1909-06-07
电影 Where the Breakers Roar At the Beach 1908-09-22
电影 Balked at the Altar 1908-08-25
电影 The Heart of O Yama Spy 1908-09-18
电影 The Red Girl Bartender 1908-09-15
电影 The Girl and the Outlaw Nellie's Father 1908-09-08
电影 Monday Morning in a Coney Island Police Court McPheeney's Aide 1908-09-04
电影 Betrayed by a Handprint Mr. Wharton 1908-09-01
电影 The Kentuckian 1908-07-07
电影 The Fatal Hour Pong Lee 1908-08-18
电影 Deceived Slumming Party Chinese 1908-07-31
电影 The Stage Rustler Man in Bar 1908-07-10
电影 Thompson's Night Out Theatre Patron 1908-05-26
电影 The Sculptor's Nightmare 1908-05-06
电影 Hulda's Lovers 1908-04-22
电影 Father Gets in the Game Son 1908-10-10
电影 The Devil 1908-10-02
电影 The Feud and the Turkey Mr. Caufield 1908-12-08
电影 The Barbarian - Ingomar 1908-10-13
电影 Money Mad First Villain 1908-12-04
电影 The Helping Hand Bill Wolfe 1908-12-29
电影 Mr. Jones at the Ball Guest at Ball 1908-12-25
电影 The Christmas Burglars One of Mike's Assistants 1908-12-22
电影 An Awful Moment Judge Mowbray 1908-12-18
电影 The Test of Friendship The Butler / Foreman 1908-12-15
电影 The Reckoning The Husband 1908-12-11
电影 The Valet's Wife Postman / Adoption Agent 1908-12-01
电影 The Vaquero's Vow Gonzales 1908-10-16
电影 The Song of the Shirt Employer / In Second Restaurant 1908-11-17
电影 The Guerrilla Confederate Soldier / Union Soldier 1908-11-13
电影 The Taming of the Shrew Katharina's Father 1908-11-10
电影 After Many Years Tom Foster 1908-11-03
电影 Concealing a Burglar Mr. Wells 1908-10-30
电影 The Call of the Wild Lieutenant Penrose 1908-10-27
电影 King of the Cannibal Islands Heinie Holtzmeyer 1908-04-14