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Don Wong Tao

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Chinatown Capers 1974-04-04
电影 Lian ai da ying jia 2004-03-28
Poster of Ninja Thunderbolt
Poster of Shaolin Invincible Sticks
Poster of Challenge of Death
Poster of Fatal Needles vs. Fatal Fists
电影 Lian ai da ying jia Dao lam 2004-03-28
电影 古惑仔6:胜者为王 Dragon 2000-07-21
电影 The Magic Sword 1993-11-05
电影 Promising Young Boy 1987-01-01
电影 國父孫 1986-11-12
电影 Inferno Thunderbolt (archive footage) 1985-01-01
电影 Drunken Tai Chi Ta Sha's father 1984-05-31
电影 Ninja Thunderbolt 1984-01-01
电影 生命快車 1984-01-01
电影 The Longest Night 1983-01-01
电影 Women Warriors of Kinmen Wang Yi 1983-08-20
电影 午夜蘭華 1983-01-01
电影 Crisis Boss Ying Tzu 1983-01-01
电影 The Anger 1982-07-29
电影 Devil Returns Chief Inspector Tu Chang 1982-02-17
电影 The Battle for the Republic of China Blue-frocked official 1981-10-09
电影 Diamond Fight 1981-07-18
电影 陽陽俊 Lu - The Pirate Leader 1981-01-02
电影 Shaolin Kung Fu Master Wan Lung 1980-01-02
电影 Death Duel of Kung Fu Sun Shing Kwei 1979-12-31
电影 Eunuch of the Western Palace 1979-01-23
电影 Shaolin Iron Claws Police Commander Hu (as Tao Wong) 1978-06-09
电影 Fatal Needles vs. Fatal Fists Meng Hu/Chin Chai 1978-02-16
电影 Snake in the Eagles Shadow 2 Ah Fu 1978-05-25
电影 Assault of the Final Rival Chen Wai 1978-05-17
电影 Challenge of Death Chen Sao Wan 1978-07-12
电影 Shaolin Devil and Shaolin Angel Secret Agent 1978-09-14
电影 Eagle's Claw Lee Cheh 1978-11-01
电影 Shaolin Invincible Sticks Chen Ku Yung 1978-11-23
电影 Iron Swallow Tu Lung 1978-12-08
电影 Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver Shang Li (as Wang Tao) 1977-12-08
电影 Along Comes a Tiger 1977-11-01
电影 The Hot, the Cool and the Vicious Pai Yu Ching 1977-01-27
电影 Warriors of the Sacred Temple Chi Yung (one of the 10 brothers) 1977-01-01
电影 The Secret Rivals Sheng Ying Wei 1976-06-18
电影 Slaughter in San Francisco Off. Don Wong 1974-08-16
电影 Chinatown Capers Yellow Faced Tiger 1974-04-04