Temptation of B. (1991)

The story of a writer who accidentally stumbles across the elixir of immortality and in doing so encounters the small group of immortals who have jealously guarded this secret for centuries. Once the writer has knowledge of this elixir, called 'Mafussalin', the group of five immortals give him a stark choice: either join them, with the price of admission, being a duel to the death between the immortal who accidentally gave the secret away or death at the hands of the group. As the writer makes up his mind, sometimes aided and at other times opposed by the ever shifting alliances from within the group, we discover how the other immortals became this way, their true ages and what they have done with this 'gift'.

  • Arkadiy Sirenko
  • Semyon Pozdnyakov
  • Arkadiy Strugatskiy
  • Boris Strugatskiy
  • Борис Стругацки
themoviedb icon 6.0/10
  • 上映日: 1991-07-01
  • 浏览: 107
  • 国家: RU
  • 语言: Pусский
  • 播放时间: 84

Natalya Gundareva

Наталья Петровна, она же Маркиза

Lembit Ulfsak

Феликс Александрович Снегирёв, писатель

Stanislav Sadalskiy

Константин Курдюков, он же Басаврюк

Oleg Borisov

Иван Давыдович Мартынюк, он же Магистр

Vladimir Zeldin

Павел Павлович, он же Князь

Aleksandr Pashutin


Anna Ovsyannikova

работница жилконторы

Anatoly Golik

Анатолий Сократович Романюк

Valentin Bryleev

Сергей Сергеевич, сосед Снегирёва

Alexander Kotov

врач скорой помощи