Naked Rashomon (1973)

In Naked Rashomon (Showa Onnamichi: Rashomon), a prostitute gives birth to twins - the result of an affair with a powerful marquis named Katsuragawa. Because twins are considered a bad omen, it is decided that they should be separated at birth. Katsuragawa raises the boy as his successor, while the prostitute raises the girl as a prostitute. 19 years later a chance encounter between the oblivious siblings leads to a bloody trail of vengeance.

  • Chûsei Sone
  • Atsushi Yamatoya
themoviedb icon 5.0/10
  • 上映日: 1973-07-04
  • 浏览: 68
  • 国家: JP
  • 语言: 日本語
  • 播放时间: 72

Hitomi Kozue

Shino Toda / Kyoko