Diary of a Mad Old Man (1962)

Diary of a Mad Old Man is the journal of Utsugi, a seventy-seven-year-old man of refined tastes who is recovering from a stroke. He discovers that, while his body is decaying, his libido still rages on -- unwittingly sparked by the gentle, kindly attentions of his daughter-in-law Satsuko, a chic, flashy dancer with a shady past. Pitiful and ridiculous as he is, Utsugi is without a trace of self-pity, and his diary shines with self-effacing good humor. At once hilarious and of a sadness, Diary of a Mad Old Man is a brilliant depiction of the relationship between eros and the will to live -- a novel of the tragicomedy of human existence.

  • Keigo Kimura
  • Jun'ichirô Tanizaki
  • Keigo Kimura
  • 谷崎 潤一郎
themoviedb icon 7.0/10
  • 上映日: 1962-10-20
  • 浏览: 78
  • 国家: JP
  • 语言: 日本語
  • 播放时间: 98