Bunny's Honeymoon (1913)

Bunny's niece has a beau who is so addicted to drink that her father will not permit her to marry him. He has given the lad a chance, but when he comes upon him drink again, he orders his daughter to break it all off. She goes to Uncle Bunny, who thinks up a scheme to cure the drunkard. In pursuance of this, he brings the lad, so drunk that he can't see straight, to his home and by dressing up in woman gear, and by borrowed kids, makes him think he has married a fat widow with many children. The poor lad is so greatly worried that when he wakes up next morning, he really swears off. So. in the end, the lovers are happy.

  • Wilfrid North
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  • 上映日: 1913-04-06
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John Bunny

Mr. Bunny, Valeria's Godfather

Wally Van

Cutey, Valeria's fiance