The House for Love (1974)

Lo Wen (Chin Han) is enamored of his college sweetheart Xiao Yu (Brigitte Lin), and the two wish to get married as soon as they possibly can. But Lo Wen's uncle and Xiao Yu's parents are opposed to an immediate union, both thinking that the couple is too young to properly make a life for themselves. Determined to prove the adults wrong, the young couple create their "House of Love", a cheap home the two plan to renovate into their dream residence. They plan to get part-time jobs and make their own way in the world, but the going is tougher than they imagined. Can two young lovers make it in the real world without the help or support of their families?

  • Yu Cheng-Chun
  • William Wen
  • Woo Huan
themoviedb icon 0.0/10
  • 上映日: 1974-11-08
  • 浏览: 46
  • 国家: TW
  • 语言: 普通话
  • 播放时间: 92