Itto (1934)

Filmed in French Morocco, Itto's dialogue is spoken primarily in the tribal Chleuh language. The jingoistic story concerns a series of clashes between French occupational forces and a rebellious Chleuh chieftain. Itto (Simone Berriau), chief's daughter, becomes embroiled in a romance with a Moroccan tribesman who has gone over to the French side. It is implied in Itto that it's okay to betray one's own people if it will preserve French colonialism in Africa. To modern viewers, the rampant chauvinism in Itto is a difficult pill to swallow.

  • Jean Benoît-Lévy
  • Marie Epstein
  • Roger Féral
  • Étienne Rey
  • Georges Duvernoy
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  • 上映日: 1934-12-31
  • 浏览: 16
  • 国家: FR
  • 语言: Français
  • 播放时间: 117

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