Black Family (2007)

Little house on a rice field was a home to father Jelam, mother Chern and their son Sam. To help family income Sam rented out a pickup truck to work as a driver for hire. He started out with bad omens but Sam disregarded it as superstition. His first fare was a loan collector who requested to be taken to Sam’s house to inform Sam’s parents that bank is foreclosing on their home and land. In despair to save their home father, mother and son decided to rob a bank. Keeping their plan secret from each other they all went to Bangkok. By chance all three met at the same bank being robbed by different team of robbers. They ended up assisting police in catching the robbers and were commanded for their bravery. Not abandoning their plan they befriended a taxi driver Sommai, a local drunk Sialieng and a café singer Pongor. Jelam told Sialieng about the plan to rob a bank and the reason why. All joined in and the bank robbery begins…

  • Bamrer Phongintakun
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  • 上映日: 2007-01-01
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  • 国家: TH
  • 语言: ภาษาไทย